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Recommended Tools

For a full list of all the tools I recommend, visit the library. However, there are a ton of options on there, so I want to give you my top 5 favorite tools that I currently use in my own business.

  1. Squarespace (Click here for the blog post)
  2. Asana (Click here for the blog post)
  3. CoSchedule (Click here for the blog post)
  4. G Suite (aka Google work apps, click here for the gmail blog post) - use promo code "M34E33TXGJUW3MP" for 20% off
  5. 17Hats (Click here for the blog post)


One of the things I am asked most often is for recommendations. Who to contact for marketing, virtual assistants, branding, etc. So, below are some of my top people. These are the folks I reference most often and many of them I've worked with in the past.


Virtual Assistant







Business Coach