Past Work & Projects

Keisha is incredibly talented and it was lovely to work with someone who was so passionate about her business. We re-modeled her Squarespace site to show off her beautiful weddings.

Rebecca was a ton of fun to work with, she loved big & bright images and lots of white space. She hated the regular "blog style" sites so we made an "archive" type blog for her. See the finished product here.

Harriette got in touch via Vendeve, and needed a site ASAP for her retreat. Unfortunately, she ended up using a different design, but I really loved the final product, so I figured it was worth featuring.

I've worked with Justin for over a year with small site updates and upkeep, recently we moved him to SS from WP and we're so happy with the result. He's a fantastic person, so check out his site.

Mary-Anne never had a site before this, but she's been working on her successful career as a conservative commentator. I loved working in such a unique niche and building her site from scratch.

Kirsten does amazing things for women in her business, and creating a site that reflects her dedication was so fun to do. We worked with the amazing Melissa to create her site. See the in-progress work here.

You can read all about this project in the blog post here. Chiara and Virginia were a ton of fun and challenged me with Blogger on their design. Their site turned out great, and you can see it here.

Kaylee has been my best friend in the online world, and she's been such a supportive friend. We worked together to take the logo she drew and add it to her site. Along with matching business cards. Check it out.

Testimonials & Sweet Words

"Working with Nora was easy, fun, professional, and efficient. Yes, all at the same time! She created a schedule for all the steps, so we could know what was going on. Nora didn’t just create the design, she helped us revealing our own style through it.

If you want someone hardworking, who listens to your requests, replies to emails promptly, and gives you a lot of options, you’re done looking for help!"

- Virginia & Chiara

I worked with Nora remotely from Boston to set up a new website and blog. She was very responsive and thorough and I will definitely be working with her again. If you are a newbie at website or blog set up, definitely call here! Her rates are good, too.
— Mary Anne McKenna

“Nora has been awesome to work with! I had an idea of what colors I wanted, but beyond that was just overwhelmed and lost. She was able to take what I had in mind and turn it into an awesome blog design.

I told her what I wanted my blog to convey & she immediately got it. She helped me set up my blog & set up every other design aspect of my brand. She has been key to making sure that my blog stays protected and working properly.

Nora was key to starting off on that right foot and helping me actually take my brand and blog serious. I've been growing ever since!”

- Kaylee White

Thank you, Nora for taking the time to update my website and adding small touches that created a fresh new look to my brand. You were great to work with!
— Keisha Scott

"I am so happy that I worked with Nora Conrad. She made the overwhelming task of transferring to Gmail so much easier then I expected.

She had the patience of an angel and answered my million questions. She organized my messages into folders that will save me so much time in the future. She created how-to videos to teach me the process so that I can take care of things on my own. She was a wealth of information and professional to work with."

- Mallika Malhotra

I loved working with Nora. I discovered her website after reaching out to a girl whose blog I fell in love with. I emailed the blogger asking about her design and she said that it was all Nora’s doing. Not only is Nora professional, but her knowledge is expansive. Everything that I asked her to do with my site she did and more. She brought new ideas to the table and left me with an incredibly beautiful website!
— Rebecca (


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