Simplifying doesn't mean becoming a minimalist. It just means making room for things that matter.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your life right now, simplifying can help you take back control. start with the steps below. 

  1. Get to inbox zero.

  2. Plan and shop for one month's worth of meals.

  3. Get your to do list out of your head and into a system that works.

  4. Start using one calendar for all your events, meetings, work hours and fun plans.

  5. Get into a habitual morning routine.

  6. And an evening routine.

  7. Then wake up earlier everyday.

  8. Create goals for yourself.

  9. Ready to commit? Sign up for the 30 Day Simplification Challenge


Want a quick rundown or some more ideas? Here are 10 ways to simplify your life.


You don't need a million apps and organizational tools to get organized. 

Here's a complete list of the tools I use every single day to manage my schedule and get my work done.

  • Google Calendar - This is always open to plan my day, send meeting invites and plan meals

  • Google Gmail - I have all my email accounts (work and personal) going into one gmail account

  • Google Drive - My digital filing cabinet, content planner, work notes, and all my files

  • Google Photos - Storing photos and videos, and backing up my YouTube videos

  • ToDoist - For keeping track of tasks and projects

  • Everydollar - For budgeting with my husband and keeping track of expenses


Of course there are tools I use outside of these (like for my instagram account, or Squarespace for this site), but these six apps are the basics that I need to get my work done and keep track of my life. They're simple to use and all of them have apps and desktop versions that sync seamlessly. If you want to learn how to use each of these tools, check out the course.


surrounded by clutter in your home? these books will get you on track.

you can easily borrow these books at a local library or with the libby app. audiobooks are easy to listen to while you tidy.


The trick to decluttering is to say no to free "gifts" from friends / hand-me downs / free samples at the store. Unsubscribe from shopping newsletters that entice you to buy things you don't need. Stop shopping when you're bored. Once you stop bringing too many things into your home, you can start to get rid of the things you don't love and use. Touch every single item in your home. If you don't love it or use it, get rid of it.


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