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The Price of Blogging

I've seen so many blog posts talking about "frugally starting a blog" or "how to start a blog for cheap". I've also seen other bloggers talk about how much they pay to keep their blog running. Let me just be perfectly honest - Y'all are paying way too much. I think (hope) my blog looks professional and fancy-pantsy and I pay less than every single person's article I've read on this topic. Blogging is not expensive.

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5 Online Business Ideas

There are a million ways to make a living online. I wanted to break down 5 of the more common ways. Keep in mind you can mix these 5 ideas together. For example I have a blog and an etsy shop along with using social media sites. You don't have to stick to just one idea. Building a brand and having multiple income sources is the best way to maximize your time and your money.

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