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Your Best Year Yet - All Thanks to Your Planner

If you haven’t caught onto the planner craze that’s been sweeping the nation, you’ve pretty much been living under a rock. Whether you partake in it or not, using physical planners has once again captured the nation’s attention. This comes in stark contrast to the technology-obsessed society we live in today.

While not everyone likes to overload their planner with stickers, colors, and washi tape (decorative tape used to spice up a page - beware, this can quickly become an obsession), a majority of planner people agree on the benefit of consistently using a physical one. 

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Why Time Management isn't about Time

Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these things?

  • All I need is more time
  • As long as I stay busy I must be productive
  • If I could just multitask more
  • I can do it all with sheer will power

It’s so easy for us to look at our stress, our never ending to-do list, and think that having more time is the answer that will solve all our problems. 

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The Self-Audit That Changed my Life

I love my life. I love my business. But it hasn’t always been that way. 

I had a great start. 

I was raised in an amazing family with parents who loved me. I was the typical teacher’s pet in elementary, overachiever in high school, valedictorian of my graduating class, and worked hard to keep everything in my life perfect. 

Then my 20’s arrived. And with them, the consequences of trying to keep everything together for so long. 

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3 Reasons Why Self Care Leads To Your Business's Success (+ 10 Easy Ways To Start!)

When you think of the stuff you're getting done for your business this week, you probably think of a never-ending mix of To-Dos you need to check off so you can succeed. But most of us don't include one thing that also leads to success: self care.


You might think self care's less important when you have a team relying on you and customers to please. You want to succeed at being your own boss, like, yesterday and that means hustling as much as possible. Sure, you'd feel better if you took care of yourself but that doesn't relate to business, right?

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Save Time with this Simple Texting Hack

Do you know what the funny thing is? Most of the time I spend on the phone is texting back and forth with clients, because for some reason people these days don't check their voicemails, but with a text you're getting a response back almost right away. And you know what? I'm ok with that. I text a lot for non-work-related stuff too, and as old-fashioned as I'd like to think I am sometimes, I don't think there's any going back to the days where calling someone trumped texting. Because let's face it: in today's day and age, few people will pick up their phone or check their voicemails (what's that noise? my phone is ringing?! I didn't know it could do that!) yet they will respond and communicate rapidly via text. And to be completely honest, sometimes answering a simple question doesn't really warrant a phone call and can be easily and efficiently taken care of with a quick text exchange.

But have you ever thought about how much time you spend texting the same thing over and over again? My guess is that it's more time than you'd like to be spending, given that you could be using that time to do something more productive. If you're at all like me, you might feel like texting slows you down. Every time my phone pings with a message, I feel a sense of urgency to respond right then and there. Then somehow, I wind up getting completely and utterly distracted from what I was doing and sucked into the black hole of social media with the alerts that have popped up since I last checked my phone… omg look at this video…hilarious…mom-in-law would love this one…ding…oops let me see who just texted me…stop it Facebook alerts you’re distracting me…ding…GAH I need to be working… *deep breath*… ok FOCUS Courtney, focus.

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5 Ways to Stop Tummy Troubles from Slowing Down Your Business

As solopreneurs, online biz bosses and side hustlers, we're often told to listen to our guts. But what if the only thing your gut ever tells you is, I'm really not happy with what you've been eating lately?

If an upset stomach has gotten in the way of your productivity more than once, it's time to stop and take notice. For years, I tried to ignore my own digestive problems while I worked on my freelance recipe development business. I specialized in all-natural recipes and ate a healthy diet, yet my stomach felt bad more often than it felt good.

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How to Stay Organized with a Full-Time Job

When I started my first full-time job after graduating college, I struggled so much with balancing my new job with blogging. I even ended up taking over two months off because it got super overwhelming. I still worked on my blog and worked on improving my blog to relaunch it for the first of the year. It’s definitely still a struggle to stay on top of everything but I am so much better off than I was when I first started working 2 years ago.

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5 Tell All Signs Your Business Needs A Rescue

It’s okay to admit it. I am confident every business owner has experienced a rescue one time or another. And that is okay. What’s not okay, is going about your business day knowing your business is suffering, in pain and having a hard time keeping its head above water. Ignoring the loud call for help is not the solution and will result in… I dare not say it. Failure! *gasps*

Oh, so you want to be certain your business doesn’t need a rescue? Let’s do it! Here’s the 5 Tell All Signs Your Business Needs A Rescue!

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The Dark Side of Branding

People love sharing good things, they love being about to shout about and promote a new product or service, a package or a simple happy story.  That's great when it's good, but what about when it's bad?...Do people still share and promote?...What do you do in such an instance when things go wrong?

Can it be fixed?.. should it be fixed?...and more importantly, how do you fix it?

Today I'm going to talk about branding, what can happen when it, unfortunately goes wrong, how can it can go wrong and what to do about it if it happens to you or your small business/startup.

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