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A Complete Guide to CoSchedule

I used CoSchedule in Spring of 2015 and I loved it, but at the time, the features were limited. After switching to Squarespace I couldn't use all the features I wanted, so I moved to Buffer. But now, CoSchedule has tools for everyone (Wordpress user or not) and I've been using it NON-STOP.

Here's everything you need to know about CoSchedule before you dive in for yourself.

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What's the Difference between Native Advertising and Content Marketing?

Every day we come across hundreds, if not thousands of online ads. In a fast-changing world, it’s difficult to ignore messages such as “subscribe here” and “buy now.” Approximately $21 billion is the amount expected to be spent on native ads in 2018. That’s a huge amount that only goes to content. Content is king and that’s why we have professional content writing services such as that offer writing help to those with tons of writing jobs.

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5 Things you need to do before starting a social media campaign

Some people hear the phrase "social media campaign" and think it's only for big businesses with marketing departments and millions of followers - but that's not true. A social media campaign is any series of posts to social media promoting one product or service. The official definition is "a coordinated marketing effort to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms".

Campaigns aren't just posting about your brand either. The key difference is that a campaign is measurable and aims to increase focus and targeting on a specific goal. 

So - odds are, if you sell anything, you should be developing social campaigns to help with a sales goal. Now that you know you need it, let's talk about what goes into creating and running successful campaigns.

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Moving from WordPress to Squarespace

Over the last few month's I've heard a lot about Squarespace. First it was Lauren Hooker raving about the site, then in a webinar with Mariah and Jen. I've always loved the idea of a drag-and-drop web builder.

I used weebly when I first started blogging and freewebs (now webs) way back in middle school. Both were drag-and-drop interfaces which required little coding. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE WordPress. You can do amazing things with their platform and build beautiful sites, but I need some simplicity right now. 

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Let's Talk About Images

Images make your posts more interesting. We humans are very easily distracted. We need to be able to scan a article to decide if we really want to dig into the content of it. Images make your posts more attractive and more readable if used correctly. I want to talk about how to create graphics for your blog, where and how to format them and how to optimize them for search engines and visitors.

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A Simple Guide to SEO

The problem with SEO (search engine optimization), is that search engines are constantly changing how they find websites. It's impossible to stay up-to-date on all the changes and still focus on your content. That's why I love Yoast SEO.

Yoast is a plugin for WordPress, it's also known as the best tool ever. Okay I made that up, but it is a fantastic resource and a quick way to help those search engines find you, without wasting time.

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