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A Complete Guide to CoSchedule

I used CoSchedule in Spring of 2015 and I loved it, but at the time, the features were limited. After switching to Squarespace I couldn't use all the features I wanted, so I moved to Buffer. But now, CoSchedule has tools for everyone (Wordpress user or not) and I've been using it NON-STOP.

Here's everything you need to know about CoSchedule before you dive in for yourself.

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A Complete Guide to Evernote

If you've never heard me talk about Evernote, we probably haven't talked much. Evernote is my all time favorite tool for every aspect of my life. I use it for my personal life, this blog, my job, my freelance clients and everything in between. The problem with Evernote is that it can do SO much, it's very easy to get overwhelmed when starting out. My goal is to help you understand Evernote so that you'll use it and love it.

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How To Prep Blog Posts Ahead of Time

Do you have moments when hundreds of blog post ideas come to you? How about times when you feel like writing but can't come up with ideas? I have moments when I could write an entire book but if I can't think of a topic, that productivity goes to waste. So I started to create a system of preparing blog posts 4 months ahead of time, and writing when I was in the mood.

Planning posts like this makes it easy for me to plan ahead and write really long, detailed posts. Today, I'm going to take you behind the scenes of how I do this and how it saves me hours of time and stress.

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